Rusty Rose's Restoration Project

This is my 1964 Spyder coupe, and my first total restoration of a Corvair.

I have several goals with this project, starting first with having fun!

I have really enjoyed working on this car so far, and can't wait to get it back on the road.



Well, this is were I started ...

If all goes as planned, this car will be a '64 Spyder 4 speed, with a 140 hp engine, and air conditioned with a trunk mounted condenser, even though I want it to look as stock as possible. I intend on driving this car some, showing it when I can, and auto crossing it every chance I get. I'll try to keep you updated on my progress.

Hope to see you at Daytona this year... from the front seat of my coupe!

Rusty Rose

Rusty Rose

An Inside Look At Rusty's '64 Spyder


... and a closer look at the inside...

Monitor resolution of 600 x 800 is recommended.

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