Don't Ask Me How I Know That!

(otherwise known as tricks & tips learned the hard way.)


When the oil pressure bypass valve gets jammed in it's room don't try to get it out by hammering an iron bar or something like that into the valve to pull it out. You'll widen it up and will never get it out. A good fitting nylon stick will work much better.  (Leon Janssen) (Corvair Club Nederland)
Taking your Corvair coupe to Sam's Club when your wife say's all she wants to get is a box of soap could result in purchases that you won't be able to get home in the car. (Bob Gill)

When rebuilding a Corvair engine make sure that the oil pressure bypass valve in the rear housing moves freely, otherwise you may blow the seal or the base off your oil filter and produce an impressive spray of oil when starting your newly rebuilt motor.  (Chris Lampe)

Your Powerglide will never shift if you forget to put the gear on the pinion shaft that engages the governor. (Richard Gebhardt)
Removing the fuel pump from an early model before dropping the engine out is highly recommended. Otherwise there's a good possibility of breaking the fuel pump.   (anonymous)
If you decide to forcefully remove your steering wheel without the aid of a puller be sure to leave the nut loosely on the shaft, at least 3 threads, as the wheel could come off and hit you right in the face. (Harold May)
When you're working under the hood it's a good idea to cover the blower with a rag to prevent screws, nuts and tools from falling in through the blower since retrieval is, at best, difficult.  And don't forget to remove the rag before starting the engine.(Joe Smith)

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