North Texas Corvair Association

P.O. Box 170796

Irving, Texas  75017-0796



                                         MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION



The North Texas Corvair Association (NTCA) is an association dedicated to the preservation and

enjoyment of the Chevrolet Corvair. We are chapter #750 of the Corvair Society of America (CORSA).


To apply for membership: Please print out the following form. Fill out the application and mail it to the

above address. Please make your check or money order payable to North Texas Corvair Association. Thank



      First Name: ___________________               Last Name: ______________________________  


      E-mail: _______________________               Spouse:  ________________________________


      Address:   ____________________________________________________________________


      City, State, Zip: ________________________________________________________________


      Home Phone:  _______________________    Work: Phone _____________________________


      Cell Phone: ________________________




Please list the address to which the newsletter will be sent. Any phone numbers entered will be listed in the

roster unless you indicate otherwise.  We do not make the roster available outside the club.


      Occupation: _________________________     



      ____________________________________     ______________________________________


      _____________________________________   ______________________________________


NTCA provides a discount applied to dues for members of CORSA. NTCA club dues are $18.00 per year

for CORSA members and $20.00 per year for non-CORSA members. CORSA dues are $38.00 per year. If

you are a member of CORSA, please include your member number: ______________________________


      NTCA Membership Dues: $  20.00        


      Less CORSA Discount: $__________


      Total: $__________


      Support NTCA - join CORSA!