A Synopsis of

NTCA Participation in and Trophies from

CORSA International Conventions


1976 Valley Forge

Concours: Late Open class -- Fred Johnson’s “Red Rod” promoted to Senior Division.


1978 San Diego (The year that the “Loud Bunch was born)

Concours: Early Open class -- Ric Markin placed.

Hard Luck Award: Clay Wispell’s “Brier” dropped a valve seat in Gila Bend


1979 Detroit (The year of “Rust Never Sleeps”)

Fred Johnson is presented with Dollie Cole’s “Letter to Nicholas” to recognize his role in creating the Edward N.Cole Memorial Award presented at each National Convention to the highest achiever in all the competitive events.

Concours:    Early Closed class -- Ed McFarland placed

                      Engineering class  -- Louis Guion placed

Autocross:    PS class -- Larry Rollow participated

   IS class   -- Louis Guion participated

 Carolyn Wispell participated

 Clay Wispell participated


1980 Atlanta I (Year of “The Room”  and serious Wispell and Parsley breakdowns returning home)

Larry Rollow wins the Edward N. Cole Memorial Award.

Clay Wispell is presented with Dollie Cole’s “Letter to Nicholas” to recognize his role in creating the Edward N.Cole Memorial Award presented at each National Convention to the highest achiever in all the competitive events.

(Little known woulda-coulda-shoulda about this Cole competition: Had Mike Dobie registered early, he would have won the Cole competition. Ray Morey competed in all the events except for the autocross – he did well enough in all the events he entered that, had he just entered the autocross and did nothing other than turn in the worst time-of-day, he would have won the Cole competition.)

Concours:  Early Open class  --  Ray Morey’s yellow convertible promoted to senior division (this is the car that Ray, Don While, Clay Wispell, and two others helped sand down to bare metal on a 113-degree summer day)

Concours:  Late Closed -- Larry Rollow (place unknown)  

                                          --  Mike Dobie (place unknown)

Autocross:  IS1 -- Mike Dobie  1st place

 IS2 -- Larry Rollow  1st place

Economy Run: 140hp Manual  --  Larry Rollow (place unknown)

                                                    --   Mike Dobie (place unknown)

    80hp -110hp Manual       --  Ray Morey (place unknown)

    80hp -110hp Automatic  --  Clay Wispell (place unknown)

Model Car Concours: Mike Dobie (two entries – 2nd and 3rd places)

                                      Louis Guion/Joe Burch 3rd place

Gymkhana:  Dave West placed

Larry Rollow placed

                      Mike Dobie placed

                      Ray Morey placed


1981 Denver (The year that silence brought the house down)

Ed Kramer won his second Edward N. Cole Memorial Award trophy. His first win, and the first time this award was made,  came in the 1978 NTCA Regional Convention called the Corvair Roundup in North Texas.

Concours:      Modified Late Coupe           --          Larry Rollow 3rd place

Stock Late Coupe         --          Ed Kramer placed

Dune Buggy        --          Steve Thomas placed

                                                                                                Manufacturers Class --          Joe Burch/Louis Guion 1st place (This is a Corvair powered helicopter originally built as a trainer for the Army. The helicopter was “lost” for years, but Mike Dobie has recently found and purchased it.)

Autocross:      PS3 -- Woody Thomas 1st

     PS4 -- Harold Layher 3rd place

     PS5 -- Michael DiGennaro 1st place

     IS2 -- Ed Kramer 1st

     IS3 -- Larry Rollow 3rd

     Competition Class -- Joe Burch placed

     Specialty -- Steve Thomas placed

     PS3 (Ladies) -- Susie Thomas 1st

     PS4 (Ladies) -- Marilyn (“just drive it like you’re going to the store”) Layher 1st

Rally:   Ed and Gary Kramer placed

            John and Barbara Ann D’Angelo placed

            Jim and Marrie Becker placed

            Harold and Marilyn Layher placed

            Joe and Blanche Burch placed

Gymkhana (Mens): Ed Kramer 1st

                                 Todd Marsh placed

                                  Larry Rollow placed

                                  Mike DiGenero placed

                                  Harold Layher placed

                                  Woody Thomas placed

      (Ladies):   Suzie Thomas


1982 Syracuse (The year of the Belly Dancer, and the Parsley transmission)

Jim Becker won the Edward N. Cole Memorial Award Competition campaigning in the “Yellow Peril.”

Concours: Late Closed Factory Stock Original -- Jim Becker 3rd

Rally:   Jim/Marie Becker 4th

             Woody/Genie Thomas placed

Autocross: PS3 -- Jim Becker 2nd

                            --  Woody Thomas 3rd

PS3 (Ladies) -- Genie Thomas placed

Gymkhana: Jim Becker 4th

                     Woody Thomas placed

                     Genie Thomas placed

Economy Run: FC -- Clay Wispell 1st

Model Car Concours: Garry Parsley 1st

                                      Jim Becker 1st


1983 Seattle II (The year of Vicky and Deanna, and Rollow’s mini beer)

Concours Judges Award for Best Engine Compartment: Jim Becker

Rally:   Jim and Marie Becker placed

                                                            Clay and Carolyn Wispell placed

                                                            Woody Thomas and Corbin Tayloe placed

Economy Run:  Manual Transmission Class --  Woody Thomas placed

                           Automatic Transmission Class -- Jim Becker placed

                           FC Class -- Clay Wispell 1st

Autocross: PS3 -- Jim Becker 2nd

                    IS2 -- Woody Thomas placed

Gymkhana: Jim Becker 2nd


1984 New Jersey (Year of the goose droppings)

Rally:   John/Barbara Ann D’Angelo 3rd

            Jim/Marie Becker participated

Economy Run: FC Class -- Clay Wispell 1st


1985 Houston (The year of NTCA’s Concours)

Concours: Closed Street Stock – Jim Becker 1st

                   Closed Modified Late – Mike Dobie 1st

-- Vicky Wispell placed

                    FC – Michel DiGennaro 1st

                    Engineering – LarryRollow 1st

                    Engineering (Senior) –Joe Burch 1st

Autocross:  IS2 --  Greg Hopewell 1st

                     IS3 -- John Martin 2nd

                     IS3 -- Mike Dobie 3rd

                     PS2 (Ladies) --  Vicky Wispell 1st

                     PS3 --  Jim Becker 1st

                     DS3 --  Michael DiGennaro 1st

                     SM – Louis Guion, III  1st

                            -- Larry Rollow 2nd  


1986 Grand Rapids (The year of the banquet table rearrangement, and wearing of towels/sheets/pillow cases.)

Concours: Street Stock Early Closed – Ric Markin placed

                   Modified Late Close – Vicky Wispell placed

                   FC – Billy Bruce 1st

Economy Run: Late Automatic – Vicky Wispell placed

                          FC – Clay Wispell 1st

                                 -- Billy Bruce 2nd

Rally:  Vicky Wispell/Ken Klingaman placed

           Billy/Eleanor Bruce placed

Autocross:     PS1 – Ric Markin placed

                        PS3 – Art Ainsworth placed

                        PS3 (Ladies) – Vicky Wispell  1st

                        IS3 – Mike Dobie placed

                        PS5 – Billy Bruce 2nd

Model Car Concours:  Ric Markin 1st Diorama


1987 Chicago II  (The year of the Frenchmen)

Economy Run:  Late Automatic – Vicky Wispell 2nd

                           FC – Clay Wispell 1st

                           Other – Jim Becker 1st

Slalom: PS1 – Larry Rollow 1st

                       -- Fred Mitchell placed

              PS3 (Ladies) – Vicky Wispell 1st

Concours: Early Closed – Ric Markin 2nd

                   Late Closed – Vicky Wispell placed

Rally:   Jim/Marie Becker 4th

            Spence Shepard/J.C.Nelson 5th

            Ric Markin/Bob Marlow 7th


1988 Ashville  (The year of the forbidden camcorder)

Economy Run:  Late Std Transmission – Spence/Spencer Shepard placed

                                                                   -- Larry/Cynthia Rollow placed

                           FC -- Billy Bruce 1st

Rally: Jim/Marie Becker placed

          Larry/Cynthia Rollow placed


1989 Kansas City (Year of the apron)

Gymkhana: Bob Tarpenning 3rd

                    Jim Becker placed

                    Garry Parsley placed

                    Art Ainsworth placed

Concours:  Factory Stock Original Early Closed – Ric Markin 2nd

                    Factory Stock Restored Early Open – Billy Bruce 1st

                    Modified Early Open – Jim Becker placed

                    Modified Late Closed – Art Ainsworth placed

                    Modified Late Open – Bob Tarpenning 2nd

                                                        -- Richard Gebhardt placed

Rally/Economy Run: Mike Dobie/Corbin Tayloe 1st

                                    Ron Hilliard/Rich Roberts

                                    Spence/Spencer Shepard placed

                                    Bob Tarpenning/Wayne Leonard placed

                                    Jim/Marie Becker placed

                                    Art/Retha Ainsworth placed

                                    Tom/Gail Fricker placed

                                    Dave West/Debbie O’Conner placed

                                    Garry/Matt Parsely placed

                                    Clay/Carolyn Wispell DNF (dropped valve seat on route)

Autocross: PS1 – Jim Becker placed

                   PS3 –  Vicky Wispell placed

                            -- Art Ainsworth placed

                   IS1   --  Ron Hilliard 2nd

                            --  Garry Parsely placed

                   IS3    -- Bob Tarpenning trophied

                             -- Mike Dobie placed

Model Car concours: Matt Parsley placed

                                     Steve Spence placed


1990 Ontario (The year of the Limbo contest, when Rollow bent over backwards for CORSA, and food tasters)

Autocross: PS4 --  Mike Dobie 1st

Rally: Jim/Marie Becker 3rd

          Tom/Gail Fricker placed

          Mike Dobie/Corbin Tayloe placed

Economy Run:140 Manual Transmission -- Mike Dobie 3rd

                         Jim Becker and Tom Fricker participated


1991 Washington D.C. (The year of Nader in a Corvair and the Smithsonian Restoration Facilities)

Economy Run:140 Manual -- Dave West placed

                         Automatic -- Jim Becker 3rd

                         Turbocharged -- Mike Dobie 2nd

                         FC       --          Spence Shepard 1st

Rally:   Spence/Spencer Shepard 4th

             Jim/Marie Becker placed

             Mike Dobie/Corbin Tayloe placed

             Woody/Genie Thomas placed

Concours: Street Stock Early Open -- Billy Bruce 1st

                   Modified Late Closed -- Mike Dobie 4th


1992 Atlanta II

Mike Dobie wins his SECOND Edward N. Cole Memorial Award Winner.

Concours: Street Stock Early Open -- Eleanor Billy Bruce 1st

                                                             -- Billy Bruce 2nd

Modified Late Closed -- Mike Dobie 1st

                                       -- Harold Layher placed

Economy Run: Low Horsepower Manual -- Larry Rollow 4th

                                                                      -- Karen Parsley placed

                          140 Manual -- Mike Dobie 1st

                           Automatic   -- Harold Layher placed

                                               --  Jim Becker placed

                           FC -- Woody Thomas 2nd

Rally:   Mike Dobie/Corbin Tayloe 2nd

            Dave West/Floy Roser placed

            Larry Rollow/D.Arnett placed

            Woody/Genie Thomas placed

            Jim/Marie Becker placed

            Karen/Matt Parsley placed

            Harold/Marilyn Layer paced

Autocross:  PS2 -- Garry Parsley 2nd

                     PS1 (Ladies) -- Karen Parsley 1st

                     PS2 -- Randy Hall 2nd

                     PS3 -- Larry Rollow 3rd

                              -- Harold Layher placed

                     PS4 --  Mike Dobie 1st

                     IS3   -- Dave West placed

Model Car Concours: Diorama -- Ric Markin 1st (The Garage)

                                                      -- Ric Markin 2nd (Van and Trailer)


1993 San Jose

Rally:   Woody Thomas/Richard Gebhardt placed

             Harold/Marilyn Layher participated

             Mike DiGennaro/Sue Boughton participated

             Jim/Marie Becker participated

              Dave West/Floy Rosen participated


1994 Williamsburg

Concours: Modified Late Closed -- Mike Dobie 3rd

                   Modified Early Open --  Tom Fricker 3rd

Autocross: Stock 4 -- Mike Dobie 1st

Economy Run: 140 Manual -- Mike Dobie 1st

                                               -- Dave West placed

                           Turbocharged -- Tom Fricker placed

                           Brand-X --  Clay Wispell (61 mpg)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    --          Jim Becker

Rally:   Mike Dobie/Corbin Tayloe placed

                                                            Dave West/Rusty & Rachel Rose placed

                                                            Tom/Gail Fricker placed

                                                            Jim/Marie Becker placed

Car Display: Early Closed   --          Ric Markin 1st


1995 Dallas (The Year of the Rolling Concours)

Rally: Dave West/Floy Roser 1st

          Louis Pinard/Mike Dobie 4th

Economy Run: Low Horsepower Manual  -- Art Ainsworth 3rd

                          140 Manual -- Louis Pinard 4th

                                               -- Dave West placed

                          FC -- Woody Thomas 1st

Model Car Concours: Garry Parsley placed and a 1st

                                      Ric Markin placed and a 1st

                                      Steven Spence placed

                                      Jim Becker placed


1996 Albuquerque (The Year of the JB Weld spark plug)

Concours: FC -- Corbin Tayloe 1st

                   Modified Late Closed -- Mike Dobie 1st

                   Modified Late Open  -- Louis Pinard 1st

                   Modified Early Open -- Art Payne placed

Autocross: PS3 -- Art Ainsworth placed

                    PS4 -- Mike Dobie 1st

                             --  Steve Kirkton 3rd

                    IS3   --  Louis Pinard 5th

                    IS4                  --          Corbin Tayloe 2nd

Economy Run: Low Horsepower Manual -- Larry Rollow 5th

                                                                      -- Art Ainsworth placed

                                                                      --  Ken Richardson placed

                                                                      --  Bob Tarpenning placed

                                                                      --  Chess Cain placed

                          140 Manual -- Louis Pinard 3rd

                                               -- Dave West placed

                          Turbocharged --  Steve Kirkton 1st

                          FC -- Woody Thomas 2nd

                                    Corbin Tayloe 4th

Rally:   Larry Rollow/J.Balinger 1st

            Corbin Tayloe/Mike Dobie 5th

            Dave West/Floy Roser placed

            Woody/Genie Thomas place

            Ches Cain placed

            Steve Kirkton/Terry Robinson placed

            Harold/Marilyn Layher placed

            Bill/Woo Wells placed


1997 – 2006  In work.



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