1960 Corvair Is Named Motor Trend's
"Car of the Year"

Motor Trend's "Car of the Year" Award - 1960 Corvair In the 50-year lifespan of Motor Trend, no more widely recognizable symbol has emerged from its pages than the words "Car of the Year." Since its first appearance in 1949, Motor Trend's Car of the Year award has become the longest-running award program in the automotive publishing world. "Car of the Year" remains the most prestigious and coveted prize in the industry.
In retrospect, one of the most controversial cars ever to be named Car of the Year was the '60 Chevrolet Corvair. Its appropriateness for the award as the most significant engineering achievement of the model year made it a natural choice.

The Corvair, a revolutionary departure from previous domestic car fare, introduced a number of innovations to the American scene, including a rear-mounted, air-cooled aluminum flat-six engine, rear transaxle, and four-wheel independent suspension with front and rear components each mounted to their own subframe (subsequent models included convertible, wagon, and even minivan). Seldom do you see this many significant technological strides on one vehicle.

The Corvair enjoyed moderate popularity in its early years, but suffered from some supposed handling problems that inspired Ralph Nader to make it the focal point of his consumer safety campaign against Detroit, labeling the Corvair "Unsafe at Any Speed." This untimely attack sounded the death knell for GM's smallest car, and it was retired from production in '69. The ensuing controversy led to the formation of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and a greater government involvement in consumer products of all kinds.

Excerpts and Photograph from Motor Trend Magazine Online

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