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You may contact any one of our NTCA officers from the Officer's List provided below for information about our club's meetings and monthly activities. Just click on the email address next to the person's name to contact us.

If you would like to send or request information, please call or email any of the officers listed below.

North Texas Corvair Association, P.O. Box 170796, Irving, Texas 75017-0796


President Tommy Wright 972-345-3449
Vice President Ray Morales 972-203-8900
Secretary Linda Turnbull 972-317-6622
Treasurer Jennifer Boyle 972-602-1922
Activities Coordinator Mike Boyle 817-909-7874
Director 1 Tom Fricker 817-821-5094
Director 2 Mike Dobie 817-313-0190
Director 3 Gail Fricker 214-244-0250


Historian Open Position
Membership/Publicity Gail Fricker


Newsletter Editor Gail Fricker 817-821-5094
Photographer Robert Crow  940-368-8700
Tech Coordinator Mike Dobie 817-821-5094
Awards Robert Freeman 817-913-3032
Sunshine Chair Helga Roehler-Nezda 817-791-8150
Website Susan Wright 214-519-1713

We appreciate your getting in touch with the NTCA!

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September 14, 2016 

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